Waiakea Water and Its Benefits

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Waiakea water comes from the Mauna Loa Volcano in the Hawaiian province. Trade winds blow in and converts to either luscious rain or bountiful snow as it hits the slopes of the Mauna Loa. The Hawaii volcanic water is then filtered naturally through thousands of feet of lava rock and its natural pores. This enhances the waters natural taste and gives sustainable life to the minerals within it.

The Mauno Loa volcanic mountain is located 2,400 miles from the nearest industrial landmass. It is surrounded by 10 millions square miles of pristine oceans. Waiakea water comes from snow melt and continuous rainfall; it caps the mountain in snow, which, when melted goes through 14,000 feet of rock. The melted and filtered water emerges at the eastern base of the Mauno Loa Volcano at the Kea’au aquifer. The aquifer is secluded and surrounded by a bio-diverse forest preserve where life blossoms naturally.

Waiakea water is constantly flowing taking less than 30 days to come from its origin on the snow capped mountain to the Waiakea water plant. this creates the pure, mineral filled bottled water that nourishes the body.

Premier Gazette reviewed Waiakea water and in their opinion, named it the best bottled water on the market. They provide peace of mind by having a natural alkaline pH level of 8.2. This means that Waiakea’s sustainably sourced water stays out of the acidic range and provides human bodies with numerous benefits such as warding off disease.

Waiakea is different from any other bottled water company. They go beyond sustainably sourcing water themselves, and involved themselves in global sustainability efforts to provide valuable drinking water to impoverished regions of the globe.

Their’s is a naturally alkaline water and the first Hawaiian volcanic water to use a natural process of filtration with the use of lava rocks. The water at the volcano is continuously flowing instead of remaining stagnant which leaves the water packed full of minerals like calcium and magnesium.

Waiakea is possibly the healthiest, mineral packed water ever to be bottled. Anyone who drinks it immediately feels its immense health benefits.