Robert Deignan: The Chief Executive Officer of the ATS Digital Services

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Robert Deignan is actually the Co-founder as well as the Chief Executive Officer of the ATS Digital Services. He is an alumnus of Purdue University. He graduated from this great institution in 1995 with a degree in Business Management. Even during his childhood days, Deigned had expressed interest in being a prominent business owner as well as an entrepreneur. This is one of the reasons why he worked hard to get real-world experience in his area of interest.

Early Career

Robert Deignan co-founded Fanlink, his first business, three years after completing his studies. He wanted to make his hands dirty to know what it took to come up with a successful business. His desire for technology as well as dedication to customer service propelled him to go after his dreams. He was aware that acquiring early experience may increase his chances of making great achievements in the future.

After about three years while working at the Fanlink, Robert Deignan was appointed as the executive vice president at a software company called iS3 Inc. It serves a huge range of technological needs such as computer optimization, personalized technical support, and digital security. Deignan wanted to broaden his knowledge in technology because he had a great passion for technology.

These stepping stones made it easy for Deignan to become the co-founder as well as the Chief executive officer at the ATS Digital Services, LLC. He used the experience and the expertise acquired while working as the vice president of the company he had founded earlier on to start ATS in the year 2011.

Current Company

You know what? ATS is in several ways the culmination of the knowledge and work brought into the tech world by the Robert Deignan. He started a company that can help solve any technological problem you can imagine. The company can help you solve problems regarding mobile devices, digital data storage, home network, or installation needs. His broad knowledge of digital technology helped Deignan come up with a culture that focuses on customer service. ATS is regarded as one of the firms in the industry because of the quality of service it provides. It has several reliable experts in setup, activation, and cellular repairs.