Meet the Investment Idol: Louis Chenevert

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Everyone wants to listen to the speeches of successful people and wish or even pledge to become like them. However, only a few people have the stamina to do what they are needed to do to accomplish their goals. Louis Chenevert is among the investors who are idolized by all upcoming investors. He is known for the change he brought in UTC for the eight years he worked as their CEO.

Louis Chenevert is currently living a semi-retired life after a successful career. Chenevert began his career as a normal child. He studied his Production Management passionately and fiercely, and his professors saw something special in him. They knew he had a great grip in business, and they began contacting their friends for jobs before he even completed his degree.

After school, Chenevert landed in General Motors. He worked in the company for 14 years and enjoyed several promotions during this time. In 1993, he shifted to something different and became an employee at Pratt & Whitney, which dealt with engines. It never took the management long to see his talent and enthusiasm. The results of his work spoke volumes, and six years in the company, he was handed the President sit of the company.

UTC, the mother company of Pratt & Whitney, saw the difference Louis Chenevert had brought in the company, and they gave him the CEO position of UTC. It is the success that he achieved in this company that makes him a hero. He saved the company from closing down during the financial crisis and improved the value of its shares by almost 200%.

Louis Chenevert says that there are many things that have brought him success in his career. He is very passionate and optimistic about his work. He pushes relentlessly to see that the agenda goes through and avoid wasting time in the politics of the company.

His advice to his younger self is to work with the people who are determined to work on the agendas of the company because the naysayers only join when things get better. His other advice is to choose the right team members and invest in them.