Jojo Hedaya Junk Mail

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Twenty-four years old guy came up with Unroll Me which is a tool in email organizations to solve the problem of junk mail. Unroll Me, used to clear one’s inbox by unsubscribing the unwanted emails and putting together the vital subscription in an organized manner. It’s among the top-ranked in the app store. Their goal was to help people stop wasting time while dealing with these emails. If one wants to unsubscribe unwanted subscription all they have to do is to swipe left, and all the unsolicited email will get cleared. If one wants to keep their subscription swipe right, if one does not like swapping one can decide to click the button, and it will correspond with the option you want.

The roll-up can be set depending on the time one wants to check their subscriptions.The 24 years young guy grew up in, but they moved abroad to study, that’s when they met they both share the same birthday. They launched Unroll me for about two years ago, and it was featured in the Next web and also in life hacker which prompted a thousand sign-ups. Their goals were to make the Unroll Me simple and easy for users to use it. The Unroll .me one can see all the subscriptions, and one can unsubscribe at once unlike the Gmail one has to click to unsubscribe button to remove it.

Jojo Hedaya is the CEO and founder of the Unroll Me. He has gained a million users for the past five years as he was the head of development the Unroll Me helps one to access their inbox has had control over it. Jojo went to City University in Network and studied the Bachelor of business and philosophy. He also studied in Brooklyn College where he was the vice president of the student council. Unroll me is featured in-app store where it gained ranking overall top 10. Jojo says before you do something first plan it and discover what goal will make one successful and added that one should do what he loves most.