Jana Messerschmidt: Why I joined Lightspeed Venture Partners

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According to Jana Messerschmidt, her decision to join Lightspeed Venture Partners was inspired by a number of factors. First, Jana Lightspeed was looking for a coherent team with a clear view of where they want to be in the future. Lightspeed Venture has been around for two decades and boasts 8 IPOs. Some of its high profile IPO’s include StitchFix, MuleSoft, and Snap. Jana joined Lightspeed Venture in 2018 and is now an investing partner and is part of the rich team of venture capitalists at Lightspeed Venture Partners. In her new firm, Jana brings in years of experience having worked as an executive at top companies including Netflix and Twitter.

Prior to joining Lightspeed, Jana worked as the Vice President of Global Business Development and Platform of Twitter, until 2016. Previously, Jana was the Director of Business Development at Netflix. Jana Lightspeed has invested in more than 50 startup companies including, Vector Space, Ubiquitilink, Cameo, Buoyant, Color, Winnie, Rival, Nebia, Prefer and Mutiny. According to the decorated and acclaimed venture capitalist, she cites the following reasons as being a major factor in her decision to join Lightspeed.

For starters, Jana hails the incredible teamwork spirit at Lightspeed. Having been a venture capitalist she knows too well how strenuous it is being a solo investor. At Lightspeed, the investing partners work as a team and this makes the experience much more sustainable.

Secondly, Jana figured that she would leverage her partner’s experience and knowledge to become more productive. Even though Jana is highly experienced she still realized that she would benefit a lot from the mentorship of her partners at Lightspeed.

Lastly, Jana Lightspeed was inspired by the level of skills, the individual investors at Lightspeed possessed. She knew that she stood to benefit from the skills of savvy investors such as Jeremy Liew, Alex Taussig, and Nicole Quinn.