Alex Pall’s drive for electronic music all the way to the Grammys

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Alex Pall is a DJ and a member of Chainsmokers. He had a modest career going and was DJing as a hobby around New York. While at an art gallery, he came to a realization that dance music was taking most of his time, and thus he wanted to have a proper way of undertaking it. The same manager he works with introduced Drew to him and they started working together right away.

He quit his job and Drew moved there from Maine. Drew whose full name is Andrew Taggart was in college prior to meeting Pall. He also had an interest in Djing. Drew’s love for electronic music started way earlier and while in college.

College Djs were getting engagements to dj in New York and other colleges. Drew for some time put some songs on SoundCloud and performed in some shows which were enough to encourage him to continue pursuing it. He had always made music and thus got to producing. Some of the Djs were succeeding very much which was a motivation.

An employee working for Alex manager informed Drew of Chainsmokers, a Dj duo that he thought he would be a great fit. So he took the trip to New York and the following day they were already drudging at his apartment, they have worked ever since for the last four years.

Why they knew it would work after meeting for the first time, was that they knew what they brought to the table. It was what they liked musically and how driven and grand they were. They however needed to create an identity which they worked on daily, like from 9am to 7pm. With Pall doing Dj gigs and marketing, and Drew being an absurd producer, they covered a lot of ground.

Being in Electronic genre is neither harder nor easier to identify as an artist, because in all genre there are those doing stuff that sounds like other popular stuff. For example, before Taggart joined Chainsmokers he was working on a Spotify playlist which was a special edition of the similar song 30 different times.

He however didn’t know who sang it. They did this for a bit in aim of finding what was intrinsically theirs. That’s when they created Don’t Let Me Down, Waterbed, and Roses. They have released Closer featuring Hasley. The Chainsmokers also own tracks where they sing their own songs individually.