Financial Industry

Madison Street Capital Wins Top Award

In November 2017 at Chicago, Madison Street Capital was awarded the top winner of the Annual M&A Advisor Awards that were at that time happening for the 16th time. The company was awarded based on its exemplary efforts in advising the WLR Automotive transaction. Speaking at the same venue, the company Chief Executive Officer, Charles […]


Dr. David Samadi-Making People Feel Better

Dr. David Samadi is a successful Chief of Robotic Surgery at the Lenox Hill Hospital, and he is all about making people feel better. His specialties include treating and diagnosing a wide array of urologic diseases and cancers. He has performed countless treatments for prostate cancer and prostatectomies. Dr. David Samadi has his degree in […]

Dental Surgeon Entrepreneur

Shafik Sachedina And The Changing Thoughts Of Philanthropy In Healthcare Sector

Healthcare sector is itself regarded as a form of philanthropy, and genuine works in the sector are often considered as more valued than other types of philanthropy. Due to that reason, people who dedicate their time and energy in the healthcare sector feel more fulfilled, and they also think their job more meaningful. The entrepreneurs […]

Corporate Attorney

Jeremy Goldstein Teaches Employers The Knockout Options Leverage Strategy

Numerous companies have in the recent past discontinued the stock option compensation program for their employees, in the name of a cost-cutting. However, Jeremy Goldstein observes that a host of other equally impactful reasons often play a crucial role in forcing the management towards this decision. For instance, he notes that most employees grow weary […]


Betsy DeVos: A Modern Day Hero

Betsy DeVos has been a rising star for the Republican Party as the current Secretary of Education. Though she has not formally earned a teaching degree, she has been actively supporting and reforming the education system for over 30 years. Education has been on the forefront of her mind since she began raising her four […]


Fabletics: A New Breed of Athleisure

When the founders of TechStyle fashion group decided to start an “athleisure” brand, it was clear they had to do something special to stand out from the competition. The market was saturated with uninspired, uninspiring and overpriced clothing that wasn’t designed with the customer in mind, but the business’s bottom line. It was clear to […]

Businessman Entrepreneur Radio

Norman Pattiz Announces Norman Lear as New Podcast Show Host

The legendary Norman Lear is the new host of the podcast “All Of The Above With Norman Lear.” Lear who is a World War II veteran, writer, producer, and actor will soon hit our screens with the new intimate podcast. This announcement was made by PodcastOne Founder and Executive Chairman Norman Pattiz. Learn more: This […]